Homegrown Hasselblad Zeiss C/CF series shutter cocking tool

Although my Hasselblad lenses never ever jammed / need manual cocking I decided it is wise to be prepared in case it ever happens.

So, I decided to build my own little shutter cocking / unjam tool. The prices people insist on asking for ready made ones are simply ludicrous. Thats why I made one myself. And it was both easy and fun to do.

If this tool fails to make sense to you feel free to look around the WWW for explanations why would one would like to have a tool like this handy. I'm not going to explain here.

Materials you need:

  • A small flat blade screwdriver that fits in the slot in the body
  • A short piece of brass tubing which fits over the screwdriver
  • Some 'thick' glue to fix the screwdriver centered in the brass tube
  • Some shrink tubing to cover the tube (optional)
  • Brass tubing I bought at a local shop that caters for modelbuilding enthousiasts. Make sure the inside diameter fits neatly over the 'screw' head in the camera body. Of course your screwdriver needs to fit both the screw and inside the brass tube. How you want the screwdriver to be is a matter of personal preference. I used the Xcelite screwdriver because I already owned it and proved to fit the Hasselblad 'screw' head just fine. I cut the tube to be exactly the same length as the screwdriver. After cutting remove all rough edges. After assembly I put shrinktubing around the brass tube. This to protect the insides of the camera. Shrink tubing you can buy at a shop for hobby electronics as it is used as a wire isolator.

    For tools a small metal saw is required to cut the brass tube. A small file to smoothen the cut-off end of the tube is highly recommended.

    The photographs should pretty much explain how it is put together.

    Materials needed

    Brass tube cut so size (just as long as the screwdriver)

    How it fits together

    The glue onto the screwdriver

    Glued together

    Make sure it is centered, and leave it to harden.

    Shrink tubing added (protects camera interior)


    Questions? Just ask me.

    ©Wilko Bulte <wkb@freebie.xs4all.nl>